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Contact Julie Masura at jmasura@u.washington.edu if you would like to post a position announcement to our site.  Include the following information:


Positions available 

Position:  Senior Engineering Geologist – Professional Geologist 1

Bring your expertise to ODOT's Region 5 (eastern Oregon) team as a senior engineering geologist to independently perform professional level engineering geology investigations, analyses, reports, and design for routine to complex transportation projects.

  Oregon Dept. of Transportation

  Screening begins April 9, 2018


Your responsibilities will include:

Engineering Geology

  • Assisting with planning, overseeing and coordinating long-range geological programs.
  • Preparing engineering geology investigation plans and performing project site reconnaissance for proposed investigations.
  • Identifying and evaluating geologic hazards that affect public safety, and makes prudent recommendations.
  • Analyzing the data from research and subsurface investigations with computer methods to model geological conditions and design repair and mitigation options for geologic hazards.
  • Preparing or approving final stamped technical reports that include geologic conditions/hazards and design recommendations for use by civil and geotechnical engineers as well as construction staff and contractors.
  • Preparing and sealing foundation and geotechnical data sheets, and materials source development plans for projects.
  • Conducting fieldwork, such as directing drill crews, statistical joint mapping, rockfall assessments, and directing rock scaling activities.
  • Monitoring construction in progress, including drilling and blasting for construction. Working with geotechnical designer to ensure compliance to design recommendations.
  • Providing input during the initial scoping phase of projects.
  • Providing documentation and testimony as a certified engineering geologist and represent the department's interests at public hearings.

Material Source Development

·Assessing material source needs for the region

·Developing site operation/reclamation plans for use of source and disposal sites. 

·Coordinating with region and state right-of-way for acquisition of additional property and disposition of surplus properties.

·Negotiating and coordinating with federal, state, and local agencies on source uses, permitting, protective policies, and compliance issues.

·Overseeing and reviewing of source uses by construction contractors, maintenance districts, and other government agencies.

·Preparing reports and renewal notices for permitted material source, updating files and database for the region.  


·Coordinating, reviewing and directing HazMat Level 1 and 2 site assessments and remedial investigations.

·Developing and directing subsurface explorations, classifying subsurface materials, interpreting stratigraphy and groundwater conditions. 

·Preparing and implementing site-specific health and safety plans as required by OSHA for site investigations and cleanup activities.

·Coordinating with DEQ and EPA to obtain site closure for contaminated sites. 

Consultant Management

·Assisting the geo/environmental manager in evaluating resource needs for the unit and identify areas to be resourced by consultants.

·Performing contract administration duties for professional and general services contracts. 


To apply online, visit www.odotjobs.com; search for ODOT18-0812oc. 

For questions, call ODOT HR at 503-986-3700.

Position: Geologist I

Description:  The Geotechnical group within Snohomish County's Engineering Services Division is seeking to fill a Geologist I position to help us deliver the County's diverse infrastructure design and construction program.  This position performs entry-level professional geological, geotechnical, environmental, and materials engineering assignments in the field and in the office.  Typical duties include performing manual and mechanized field explorations, laboratory testing, data reduction, developing design recommendations, and consultation during construction.  The Geotechnical group is a vital part of the larger Public Works team that works together to enhance and improve our community as we build and maintain a safe and efficient transportation system in this fast-growing, thriving County in the beautiful Puget Sound area.

Well qualified candidates will have a solid academic background in geology, engineering geology, and/or hydrogeology, and have good oral and written communication skills.

You can read more about the department and division at our website: www.SnohomishCountyWa.gov

Company: Snohomish County,

Closes:  29 March 2018

  1. Conducts, reviews or directs the preparation of geotechnical and geological studies and prepares technical reports for various types of Public Works projects. 
  2. Performs environmental studies to determine potential im­pacts of toxic and hazardous materials on county property or property being considered for purchase by the county.  
  3. Acts as a technical consultant for all departments within Snohomish County in dealing with geological, geotechnical, and soil and groundwater contamination issues. 
  4. Participates in field explorations including drilling, backhoe, and hand auger operations. 
  5. Contacts utility lo­cators, obtains authorization for entry on private property where appropriate from Right-of-Way agents, sets up and schedules personnel for field investigations; researches county files, publications, reference manuals, aerial photos, and other resources for background data on project site or surrounding area. 
  6. Initiates laboratory testing programs; corre­lates and reduces data from all sources; performs calculations for the determination of engineering characteristics of materi­als and their impacts upon structures; performs calculations for slope stability, bearing capacity, permeability, pavement design and re­taining wall design; develops recommendations for project design and construction based upon the reduced data and calculations. 
  7. Provides project management of public works maintenance or construction projects, including preparing, overseeing, or reviewing specifications, cost and quantity estimates, design of drainage and road improvements, and the oversight of the construction process. 
  8. Performs site inspections of construction work to verify quality of installations and coordinate timely and quality completion for acceptance; monitors contractor progress and schedules quality assurance tests and materials approvals. 
  9. Assists with the preparation of contract specifications for geological, geotechnical, and en­vironmental work.   
  10. Assists with the preliminary review of construction plans to determine if con­tract documents are complete and in agreement with previ­ously prepared recommendations and calculations. 
  11. Acts as a coordinator between the county and Washington State Department of Ecology (WSDOE) on Environ­mental Site Assessment issues. 
  12. Analyzes new construction and design technologies to recommend improved methods and practices. 
Contact: To apply, click here GEOLOGIST I

Hydrogeologist Lead for 100/200 Areas and Permit (Hydrogeologist 4)
Description:  The Nuclear Waste Program (NWP) program within the Department of Ecology is looking to fill an Hydrogeologist Lead for 100/200 Areas and Permit (Hydrogeologist 4) position. This position is located in our Richland Field Office (RFO) in Richland, WA. The Hydrogeologist Lead for 100/200 Areas and Permit position develops and makes recommendations to the Project Managers on requirements and methods to address environmental contamination, reaching or about to reach the groundwater. The Nuclear Waste Program works in collaborative teams, providing input from various technical fields to solve very complex environmental cleanup problems.

Company: Washington State Department of Ecology
Closes: Open Until Filled (1st screening on 3/2/18)
We are looking for candidates who have experience in groundwater monitoring, remediation, and groundwater permitting requirements. The applicant must be able to communicate the Program's issues and concerns to Program staff, our permittees and to stakeholders. Candidates should have sufficient experience to be able to suggest technical or regulatory approaches when issues arise.