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Contact Julie Masura at jmasura@u.washington.edu if you would like to post a position announcement to our site.  Include the following information:


Positions available 

Position: Environmental Specialist III (Geologist)

Description:  This position will be part of the Technical Services Unit in the River and Floodplain Management Section within the Water and Land Resources Division.  This position primarily will serve as a key team member to lead geomorphic studies and analyses to characterize fluvial processes that will be used to identify flood-related hazards and to inform the design development of capital projects along major rivers in King County.  This position may also participate in project design processes and take part in construction oversight of flood protection facility (levee or revetment) rehabilitation and repair projects.   In collaboration with other professionals (river engineers, scientists and planners), all of the work in this position will support implementation of projects and programs identified in the 2006 King County Flood Hazard Management Plan as directed by King County Flood Control Zone District. Information on the District can be found at: http://www.kingcountyfloodcontrol.org/default.aspx  and the adopted 2006 King County Flood Hazard management Plan and its 2013 Progress Report at King County's website: http://www.kingcounty.gov/environment/waterandland/flooding/documents/flood-hazard-management-plan.aspx

Company: King County's River and Floodplain Management

Closes:  25 May 2017

  • Serve as lead team member providing geomorphic and geotechnical expertise for studies to interpret, characterize and map probable future channel migration hazard areas based on historical migration rates and patterns and field conditions.
  • Develop and oversee scientific and technical consultant contracts involving geologic, geomorphic, engineering geology, geotechnical, surveying, mapping, or other investigations of riverine or floodplain processes or flood protection facility conditions.
  • Serve as key project team member using knowledge of erosional processes, fluvial geomorphic conditions and principles of engineering geology for the planning and design development for new and damaged flood protection facilities (levees and revetments).
  • Assess damages to flood protection facilities in post-flood condition.  Based on geomorphic and geotechnical conditions, evaluate the urgency of repair needs, the consequences of potential facility failures or the effects of large wood accumulations.  Participate in the development of emergency repair strategies and assist in directing emergency repair measures.
  • Oversee construction activities related to the implementation of flood protection projects.
  • Effectively participate with other professional staff and multidisciplinary teams to identify problems and implement solutions related to river and floodplain management.
  • Interpret soils investigations, engineering geology or geotechnical analyses and scientific reports by others on the stability of flood protection facilities.  Identify the appropriate type of soils and subsurface sampling, tests and analytical methods to support design investigations and to evaluate the stability of a flood protection facility.
  • Collect data, monitor sediment deposition and evaluate its effect on flood hazards by characterizing past and current sediment movement and deposition, estimating future depositional rates and evaluating channel hydraulics.  Evaluate sediment management alternatives such as gravel removal and levee setbacks for flood reduction effectiveness.
  •  Write comprehensive reports, technical memorandum, mapping and presentations for various technical and non-technical audiences to effectively summarize information and communicate findings.
  • Develop assessment methods, protocols or sampling plans. Organize and oversee field investigations, assessments, river reach analyses, data collection and field sampling by others to characterize geomorphic processes and flood protection facility stability.
  • Participate in flood facility inspections, flood warning and patrols, and flood-related emergency response programs and activities.

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Environmental Specialist III (Geologist)

Position: Landslide Hazard Geologist - NR Scientist 2

Description:  The Washington Geological Survey is seeking an entry-level geologist with experience in landslides and slope stability issues to be part of the Landslide Hazards Program. Working as part of a team and with guidance from the program manager, the primary duty of the position is to identify and map landslides from LIDAR derivatives, orthoimagery, and field reconnaissance and to populate a landslide inventory for inclusion into a state-wide landslide inventory. Mapped landslides will then be incorporated and published in landslide inventory and susceptibility maps for use by local, state, and tribal governments, the public, and those interested in the landslide hazards of Washington. As part of the publication of these maps the geologist will assist with outreach and education for map users. The position will also assist in emergency response to geologic events and emergencies to local, state, and tribal governments. 

Company: Department of Natural Resources

Closes:  22 May 2017


  • Minimum of a Bachelor's degree with major study in earth sciences or other closely related science and two years-professional level experience in geology -OR- a Master of Science or Ph.D. degree with major study in earth science or other closely related science.  
  • Experience assessing and identifying landslides and landslide hazards.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in the ability to collect, compile, manage, and digitize geospatial and tabular data using complex geomorphic analyses including interpretation from LIDAR and aerial imagery.
  • Outstanding proficiency in ArcGIS, demonstrated by experience and coursework
  • Experience and proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Washington State Geologist License
  • Washington State Engineering Geologist License
  • MS or PhD degree in earth science, geology or other closely related science
  • Three years of experience performing landslide hazards evaluations
  • Ability to traverse on uneven rugged terrain in all weather conditions.
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds.
  • The incumbent in this position is required to travel.
  • Must have a valid driver's license and have two years of driving experience. This position requires driving as an essential function. Employees who drive for state business, whether in a state or privately-owned vehicle, are required to possess a valid license as defined in policy PO02-006 and abide by all other driver responsibility requirements. 

For More Information:

Position: Hydrogeologist 3 - Site Manager

Description:  The Hydrogeologist 3 - Site Manager position serves as a cleanup site manager and provides technical assistance on geological and hydrogeological cleanup sites issues. The position is responsible for the flow of communication between the Unit VCP technical staff and HQ Cleanup Section supervisors. Manages the "VCP overflow" work through the use of HQ, and/or contractors. Coordinates and ensures timeliness and consistency on billing, information management, and tracking and reporting requirements (GMAP) with in the HQ Cleanup Section. 

We are looking for applicants who possess excellent people skills, the ability to quickly assess a situation and make a decision and the ability to communicate with a diverse audience with the ability to work effectively in a sometimes stressful environment.

Company: Washington State Department of Ecology

Closes:  Continuous


Some of the key work activities of the Hydrogeologist 3 - Site Manager position are: 
  • Manages sites and is the principle contact for all Land Unit VCP technical and PLIA issues. Builds consensus on issues identified as priorities.
  • Represents a broad range of interests that affect cleanup decisions and processes at a range of eligible VCP sites. 
  • Coordinates with supervision, staff and customer issues of common concern where resolution is needed to reach desired outcomes. 
  • Coordinates with supervision the equitable distribution of workload within the unit and manages the "overflow" through the use of contractors.
  • Follows-up on staff technical concerns and issues. 
  • Coordinates with supervision and ensures timeliness and consistency on billing, information management, and tracking and reporting requirements (GMAP). 
  • Engages in technical issues, helps define and attain good decisions as needed. 
  • Communicates effectively and responsibly orally and in writing with co-workers, agency staff, property and business owners, and external agency staff. 
  • Maintains effective working relationships.
  • Provides technical assistance to consultants, industry, local authorities, the public, and agency staff regarding policy and technical interpretations and applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines for the VCP contaminated sites.
  • Attends and participates in VCP Steering Committee meetings, and other meetings, conferences, and seminars.
  • Provides mentoring, technical, policy and hydro geological review of HQ VCP staff requesting assistance under the Voluntary Cleanup Program.

For More Information: 

·     Position: Environmental Project Geologist

Description: In your role as Environmental Project Geologist, you’ll have the opportunity to manage a range of environmental projects, from challenging brownfield remedial sites to new developments.

Company: GeoDesign, Inc.

Closes: Open until filled. 


Key responsibilities include:

Project Management/Technical:

Capable of managing small- to mid-scale projects with limited complexity, including: correspondence, schedules, deliverables, QA/QC, budget management, RI/FS, remediation system design, cost estimating, permitting, construction observation, and system O&M.

Knowledge of stormwater issues a plus.

Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively, prepare concise written deliverables, prioritize multiple projects and deadlines, and solve technical issues under the direction of senior level technical employees.

Business Development:

Experience preparing scopes and budgets for prospective projects with subsequent project management responsibilities.

Participates as part of a team in project meetings, client events, and interview presentations for new projects. Plays a role in maintaining client relationships.

QA/QC Management:

Ability to ensure consistent, professional, and effective written communication; client-specific details; and error-free project deliverables under the direction of senior level technical employees.

Project Supervision:

Ability to assist with mentoring project-assigned employees, including on-the-job coaching, assigning project-related workload, and providing input for performance appraisals. 


Minimum five years of relevant experience

Bachelor’s degree in geology, environmental engineering or related field

Registered professional geologist or engineer, or be able to obtain registration within one year 

Contact: Please visit our website for more information and to fill out an employment application: https://geodesigninc.com/careers/