December 8, 2020 Wayne Ranney

Wayne Ranney, Author & River Guide, Ancient Landscapes of Western North America.

November 10, 2020 Eric Cheney

Eric Cheney, Professor Emeritus of University of Washington, Economic Geology of Washington

May, 2020 Newsletter Volume 34, Number 5

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the following events were canceled with the hope of rescheduling them in the near future:

  • March 10th meeting featuring Dr. Gerald Bryant, private contractor representing Dixie State
    College, Quicksand in the Ancient Sand Desert: Occurrence and Implications of Soft Sediment
    Deformation in the Navajo Sandstone
  • April 14th meeting featuring Dr. Melissa Rice from Western Washington University, on Exploring
    the Geology of the Jezero Crater, Mars, with NASA’s Next Rover Mission
  • May 12th meeting featuring Wayne Ranney, author/river guide, on Ancient Landscapes of North
  • Spring field trip featuring Skye Cooley on Calcretes and Implications Cascades and YFB