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Field Trips

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We have a limited number and sizes of T-Shirts. If you are interested in a shirt, please email Heather Vick. Once you have confirmed that we have a t-shirt for you , you can make a payment using the T-Shirt button.

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Northwest Geological Society
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The Northwest Geological Society (NWGS) requests corporate and individual donations, to subsidize its activities that support students. These subsidies include dinners at the monthly meetings, registration for field trips, registration for symposia, prizes for the annual student poster competitions, etc.  Potential sponsors are welcome to suggest other NWGS expenses they would like to support; these might include travel expenses for out-of-town speakers, mementos for speakers and honorees, etc.


The NWGS has partnered with the University of Washington Foundation to provide tax deductibility to donors.  Specifically, in 2012 the College of the Environment (COE) at UW created the Northwest Opportunities Fund (account 64-4602) to accept donations for the benefit of the NWGS.  The Fund is administered by the Department of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) in COE on the advice of members of the NWGS who also are members of ESS.


To make  your tax-deductible contribution, make a check payable to the University of Washington Foundation;  place Northwest Opportunities Fund (64-4602) in the “for” line. Mail to:  President, Northwest Geological Society, 4616 25th Ave. NE, #397, Seattle, WA 98105.


Sponsors who wish to be recognized will be listed on the NWGS website and will be announced orally at the subsidized event.