2021-06 October Newsletter

Speaker: Melissa Rice, Western Washington University, NASA’s Mars-2020 Mission in Jezero Crater: The First 8 Months of Exploration by the Perseverance Rover

2021-05 May Newsletter

Paul Belanger, Sound Water Stewards, Paleoceanographic history that led to our
understanding of Cenozoic climate history and changing impact for the Pacific Northwest

April 2021

Pat Pringle, Centralia College Emeritus, Buried and submerged forests of the Pacific Northwest-Clues to ancient volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and landslides

March 2021

Gordon Grant, USDA Forest Service, The Hydraulics of High-Energy Geologic
Fluids (or the Physics of Whitewater)

February 2021

Dr. Anita Grunder, Oregon State University, Volcanic View of Plutonic Rocks: 11 MY of Magmatism at Aucanquilcha Volcanic Cluster on the Chilean Altiplano

January 2021

Brian Sherrod, USGS, An Update on Paleoearthquakes in Western Washington

August 2020

Wayne Ranney, Author & River Guide, Ancient Landscapes of Western North America

July 2020

Eric Cheney, Univ. Wash. Emeritus, The Economic Geology of Washington

March 2020

Dr. Gerald C. Bryant, private contractor rep-resenting Dixie State University

June 2019

Dr. Adam Kent, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University

May 2019

Students – 12 posters and presentations on a variety of topics from heat flow under part of Antarctica,